Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prairie doll and Pinkeeps availables

Hi girls, today I add three new items. The first one is a Faceless Prairie Doll - Bag Holder. She is made of muslin that has been stained with a grungy mix to give her prim look ( she smells so good). She wears a muslin dress with an apron of checkered homespun ( light green) over cheesecloth. Her bonnet is made of the same homespun. All pieces are stained to give an old look. In her hands she holds a pineapple and a heart ( with americana fabric on it) . To use it as a doll, only remove the elastic band in the bottom. After summer, if you want remove her americana heart or turn it to the other side and use all year round. You can use her in different ways, see pic's below.

As a bag holder,
As a doll ( without elastic band)
She measures 31 inches long. ***** SOLD *****

The birds in the pinkeeps are made of stained osnaburg and their eyes are hand stitched. One is peeeerfect for summer or Americana lover. It has two beautiful stained americana fabrics, a prim tag that says "GOD BLESS USA" and sweet annie. Price is $10.00 ( including shipping).
The second pinkeep, is made of two beautiful fabrics, a light green homespum
and a calico with mustard flowers on it. All fabrics are stained and has a round metal tag with date "1876".
Price is $10.00 ( including shipping).

Bye, bye and see you soon.


  1. I really like your pinkeeps. Especially the patriotic one. Then again I really like the doll bag holder. Gee, maybe I should start saving my money so I can purchase and not just drool!!
    Have a great day,

  2. I just LOVE that praire doll......will you be making anymore???