Friday, February 19, 2010

Bunnies and Dolls For Sale

 Hi Prim girls,
 Spring is around the corner and I will offering some items to decor this season. If you see an item sold, send me an email I will take orders. Please, be ready for a long post full of pictures.
Bonnie and Bev
This beautiful set was made using a Chestnut Junction Pattern. She is a big rabbit. She measures 31 inches and the baby bunny is 10"tall. In her hand she holds a big sculpted carrot made of stained green osnaburg and painted muslin. Also, the carrot is 10" too. She wears a beautiful dress and loons made of  spring fabric and muslin. Fabrics were  stained  and baked using a grungy mix to give them an old appearance. Their faces are handstitched and the noses are brown wool felt.  You can hang or sit her.
Price is: $29.00 including shipping charge in US  ***SOLD***
Primitive Bunnies
These sets are made using a Pineberry Lane Pattern. They are simply beautiful and prim perfect. Two sets are made using stained and painted osnaburg and one set is made using strongly stained muslin. Bunnies have handstitched faces. All big rabbits have vintage buttons as eyes, the baby bunnies have french knots. The big ones have scarfs made of stained cheesecloth, sage homespun or green homespun.The little bunnies have a string with a rusty bell on it. Tails were real sheep wool or white wool attached to them using felting needle.
 Price for each set is: $21.oo including shipping in US 
 Stained set is SOLD 
Black set with cheesecloth scarf is SOLD 

Only the set with green scarf is Available.
Emily Doll
This beautiful doll was made using a J. Schmidt pattern .She is made of painted and stained osnaburg. Her face is hand stitched. Emily's hair is real sheep wool attached to it using felting needle. Her dress is a checkered flannel fabric in teal and cream colors that had been stained with a grungy mix of coffee. She smells so good. In his lap she had a Spring arrangement, a burlap bag with a bunny and carrots on it and a prim tag that says "carrot 5 cents".  She is perfect gift for a Prim lover and measures 16 inches tall.
Price is $24.00 including shipping in US  ***SOLD ***
Four Season Prairie Doll
This Faceless Prairie Doll  was made using a J. Schmidt pattern. She is made of painted osnaburg that has been stained with a grungy mix to give her prim look . She wears a  checkered cream and brown flannel fabric.  Her bonnet and apron are made of osnaburg. All pieces are stained to give an old look. I named this doll Four Season due to I include a set of 4 cross stitch pinkeeps, one for each season of the year. In her hands she holds a Bunny, a Watermelon, a Crow or Christmas tree pinkeeps. Each pinkeep measures between 2 1/2" x 4" or 2"x 3" .  Bunny is made from S. Auen pattern and the crow is made from a Primitive Bettys pattern.She measures 18"tall x 8"wide. You can use them with the doll, or put them in a wooden bowl. You can use her in different ways, see pic's below.
Price  is  $ 36.00 including shipping in US. ***SOLD***

 Bye , bye and see you soon, 


  1. Oh, Evelyn, everything is just so prim perfect! I love it all.....
    Where do you find the fabric that is lining the bowl of pinkeeps? I would love some of that for my favorite bowl!

  2. Wow Eveylyn!....everything you've made looks fantastic!!'re very talented!


  3. Very good work. I must say te folk artist are just awesome in their art and I always appreciate their work. Good on them.

  4. LInda, the fabric is a piece of a throw that I had. I found it in the store of Anitza from Also Janet from had towels and placemats with the same pattern. Thanks for asking.

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